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Nail Extensions

It is a fact that most of us do not have the kind of nails we would like. This could be for a number of reasons including weak, brittle or bitten nails.

Nail extensions can transform your nails producing strong natural looking nails that can be worn permanently. We only use The Gel Bottle professional products & methods to prevent natural nail damage. 

The Gel Bottle

Sculpted Nail Extensions & Gel Bottle   £51.00 

Sculpted Nails Extensions –  infill & Gel Bottle  £45.00

BIAB Nail Extensions & The Gel Bottle £50

BIAB Nail Extension infills & The Gel Bottle £47.00

BIAB Overlays  £43.00 (The Gel Bottle colour on natural nails)

French BIAB (white tip, no colour) £45

BIAB repair per nail £5 (free within the first week of application)

BIAB removal & tidy of nails only if previously applied by us £20

Acrylic or Gel removal not applied by us from £25 (dependant on time & product used)

Mobile Services available on request subject to availability.