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The Gel Bottle

Extensive range of Shellac and The Gel Bottle colours, glitters & French polish available. Great for every day wear, superb for holidays & special occasions.

* Zero drying time!

* Off in minutes with no nail damage!

* Up to 2 weeks wear OR longer depending on your nail growth and aftercare followed if having Shellac.

* Up to 4 weeks wear dependant on nail growth and aftercare followed if having The Gel Bottle.

All manicures include file or cutting the nails, cuticle work, Gel polish applied, solar oil, moisturising and a hand massage. 

ShellacClassic Manicure £27

Shellac French Manicure £29

Shellac Deluxe Manicure £37

The Gel Bottle Manicure £31

The Gel Bottle French Manicure £33

The Gel Bottle Deluxe Manicure £41

The Gel Bottle Removal on fingers £10

The Gel Bottle on fingers and toes £50

Gel Polish nail repair £2 per nail (free within the first week of application)

Shellac on fingers and toes £46

Shellac removal and tidy of nails £9 (free with new application if previously applied by us)

Biab overlays + Shellac or The Gel Bottle polish £33

Classic Manicure & Polish £22

Deluxe BB Manicure & Polish £32

Classic Pedicure & Polish £28

File & Polish – Hands or Feet £14

Child file & polish – Hands or Feet (under 12 years of age) £10